Are we done yet?!

Starting a family is the absolute best. Being a mom is one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive. Hearing my kids say momma or I love you makes all the crazyness that comes along with it all worth it. But how do you know when it’s time to stop adding to your family? 

For us we thought we were done. We had our two a boy and girl things couldn’t be more perfect. We even told everyone who kept asking when are you guys going to have another, that we were done. After a couple of years we had the surprise of a life time when we found out I was pregnant with our third!! To say it was a total shocker was an understatement. The kids of course were super excited to have a baby.  It took some time to set in that our family of four is now going to be five. Once he was here and our family settled in to the new addition to our family, it’s hard to believe that we ever were a family of four! Watching the older two play with him melts my heart. But we are officially done this time. 

Even though we just had him we still get asked when are we going to have an other we can’t have three kids that’s not even. Well for us three is the perfect amount for us! We planed for two and got blessed with with three health and happy babies! So you would think that would be good enough, but people don’t think that’s a good answer. Crazy right?! It shouldn’t matter how many kids you have or if it’s an even number. It’s about being a family and enjoying them and watching them grow up. Not about making my family an even number. It shouldn’t matter the number of kids you have but their happiness. So the way look at it add to your family if you want more kids not because people make you feel like you should!! 


Mommy time 

How Important is it to having mommy time? Aka time away from the kids. Some say it’s really important to have your time. While others say it’s selfish and your missing time with your kids. So how do you make sure to keep your sanity and still be the perfect mother? Well…. you can’t. 
Finding time for yourself is more of a mission than finding a missing shoe. IMPOSSIBLE!! With running a house and having two kids in school (and everything that comes with) and having a one year old, ME time is my last thought. But what I have found is that little tiny Break really is helpful. Finding the time for it is the real issue. Being a stay at home wife and mom is the best stituation for me and my family. So my kids are ALWAYS on my mined and with me. Even when the older two are at school I’m still thinking about what after school actives we have that day or after school snacks.  I’m a 24/7 wife and mom. 

Don’t get me wrong I do believe you need time for yourself, I just think you shouldn’t have to schedule for it. You don’t need a night out to keep your sanity. Take a hot bath with some music or a book. Go for a walk around the neighborhood. It can be something so simple and easy. For me a night out isn’t what keeps me from loseing my mined, it’s just taking a break for about 30 minutes or so to get me back in mom mode again. I love being around my kids even when it gets crazy and all they seem to be doing is yelling at each other, I still wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. Being a mom is what amazing. It come with it’s fair share of highs and lows but that’s just life. It’s how you handle it. There is nothing wrong with taking a second to reset your mind and you get back to being the aswome mom you are! 


How strong should a marriage be?

I fined myself asking this question more often than not. With three kids, having time for just the two of you seems impossible. It seems like there are not enough hours in a day to get everything done. Between dance class, football practice, piano lessons and getting everyone to school on time, it seems like there is no time for you, let alone your partner.  After six years of marriage and three kids later having “us” time is so hard.  Yes you should have a date night that’s just for guys but with everyone’s schedule it’s hard to fined a day to have one. And with your family living four hours away from you, you can’t just drop the kids off for dinner at grandmas.  
So how do I keep my married strong?  Well one thing we do is fined something that you both can do together. For us it’s slow pitch softball. Yes it added another thing to our already crazy schedules, but we get to do it together and with other couples as well. And why not get a workout from it too!  I’m not the best player but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about being together having fun. It’s brought us closer as a couple and we have made some really great friends from it. 
Another thing we do that’s not a typical “date night” is yard work. We started a garden together and it’s been a lot of fun watching what we planted start to grow. We spend a lot of time outside with the kids so having a nice yard is a must. It’s not easy keeping up yard, but we do it together and when we are done we grill out.  Working together on a team or on our yard is key. If we can’t work together than how can we have a marriage? It’s a team. It takes hard work, dedication and support to make it work. Marriage is hard in its self. What works for some, may not work others. Its important to fined what works for your Marriage. As long as you are growing together instead of apart is what’s really makes a marriage strong. Fined what works for you and do it!! 


    surviving back to school

    img_0723Back to school time can be a pretty crazy and hectic time for parents.  If you have more than one child than you have multiple school supplies list that seem to go on for ever!  I have two going to school this year at two different school, so the lists are different.  One thing I have found to be helpful is doing a little here and there.  Other wise your left getting everything last minute and hoping the stores still have what you need. 

    Not only is there supplies but lets not forget cloths! And if you have girl than this is the MOST stressful part.  My little girl is a fashionista to say the least.  To her I have no style what so ever and as she so clearly makes it know shes mot a little girl any more.  So whats a mom to do?? Well, I let her feel like shes picking out all her cloths with some “help” from mommy.  For every outfit she picks I get one outfit.  I have found that by working with her and letting her feel like she help make decisions shes more willing to wear the cloths I picked as well.  Doing this makes the cloths shopping go quick and the melt downs are not as extreme.  I wish i could send her to school in the princess dress and cowboy boots she picked out but unfortunately the school wont allow that. Shopping for a boy, I found to be much more easy.  Yes his only five and could really careless what his, but I still like to get his thoughts on what I pick out.  usually its the same response with a shoulder surge and yea its cool mom thanks but still. Thank god for boys!


    After you get the supplies and the cloths and put everything in the backpacks comes school lunches. My kids love to take lunch as my daughter puts it you get to go to recess faster.  So as a mom i want my kids to eat healthy and still enjoy it. Easier said than done.  finding something that wont go bad or stay cold till they eat is harder than it sounds.  Sandwich are good for awhile till they start asking for something else.  So guess who gets to play chef?! mommy! if your like me than finding something they will get and not throw away is hard.  When it comes to school lunch this is were i fail.  I’ve tried pintresting lunch’s, but when your running late in the morning you do what you can.  I’ve learned that its OK if its a sandwich with some chips and an apple with a juice box.  At lest they are eating and sometimes that’s what counts right?!?!


    The last weeks of summer are always the craziest times for a parent.  You keep looking at the calendar counting down the days till they go back. and just like that school starts and the house is quiet and if your like me you fined your self counting down the time till you can pick them up and hear all about the day and everything they did.  That is my best part of the day. I love hearing all the friends they have made and the stuff they are doing. So hang in there parents summer is almost over!!


    Life gets crazy

    IMG_0706I remember when I was little and would sit and think how my life would be when I was an adult. It was filled with fancy cars and big house and trips all over the world. That was my goal. But like they always say “when you make a plan god laughs”, couldn’t be more true for me. I was going to school and working as a host at a restaurant and living in a one bedroom  apartment. I was happy but I knew I wanted more I just didn’t know what that was. After a couple of failed  relationships I meant my husband. Things were rocky in the  beginning but some how we made it work. After about a year we found out we  we’re having a baby! After that we knew it was us forever! We had our baby got married and never looked back. Since than we added two boys. It’s crazy to think of the things I wanted when I was a little to the things I live for now! We have our ups and downs just like every one, but one thing we always try to remember when things are tough is this is our family and we WILL get though this together. So even though it gets crazy at the end of the day its home! Instead of world traveling our weekends are football and baseball games and dance  recitals. My home has been taken over by the kids and is filled with awards and finger paints. And my car is car seats and Disney movie songs  blaring load! It’s  definitely different than what I thought, but I love it!